This gets you access to real police records
(drunk driving, speeding tickets, felonies, misdemeanors,
sexual offenses, mugshots, etc.), court documents,
address information, phone numbers
and much more.
Please BE CAREFUL with how you use your new skill.

Public Records Mini-Course

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From: Larry Kaye, P.I., Ret.
Date: January 12, 2024, 3:14pm

Dear Friend,

You may have seen some of my training online, but just wait until you see the
really good stuff I refuse to give away for free!

Why pay huge private database fees if you don’t need to!

Heck, why pay their monthly fees even if you don’t use them!

Use Public Records to gain details the “Big Data” companies don’t even have
like the Police Officers narrative report of what actually happened on the scene!

Your friends will say…

“I know you have a secret contact at the police department!”

Only you will know the truth!

Explore The World of
Public records

Get instant access to my
streaming course 24/7/365!

Let me show you exactly how I…

What are Public Records.

How I determine what records are really public. (That means I have access to them…
and so do you!)

Details of any crime!

How to learn the details of any crime using the Affidavit of Probable Cause. (In some places this is called the Criminal Complaint, but I cover all of that in detail!)

Runaway Case Study

I walk you through how I tracked
down a runaway teen

No Special Access Required!

How to handle a pubic records “bully” who tries to deny you access.

Your All Access Pass!

How to access all public records and NOT just the ones online!

Police Files

What you can get from Police Personnel Files and special jail records no one ever thinks about! (Including a Real-World Case Study!)

Police Stings

A behind the scenes look at TWO police undercover sting operations.

Just like I would
teach a fellow P.I.

This is exactly what you would get if I sat down with you over a cup of coffee and taught it to you face to face!

Avoid the
“Sneaky Public Records Trap”

The sneaky thing about public records request forms!
(Don’t fall for this trick!)

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-Larry KAye